So, I’m working on my sweater – 15″ of stockinette stitch – very boring. But I love, love, love this yarn and can not wait to have this done! I just hope that it isn’t August and 105 in the shade when it’s done! Here is a picture of this work in progress. I’ll try and be faithful to update with photos as we progress!


And, more knitting goodness – yesterday I got a package from my Secret Pal!!! I was running out the door but I made us late to see what was in the box!! 😀


Inside was a beautiful card with a note, notecards that I can only describe as swanky (what fun!) and 4 skeins of “Dream” by Moda Dea. I’ve been fondling this yarn nonstop – it’s soooo soft! I did notice that is exactly my sister’s favorite color and she has been wanting me to knit her a poncho! I am so tickled by that idea! And I think it would be a great distraction when the stockinette stitch gets TOO boring! Thank you Secret Pal! I noticed you mailed this from Lake Arrowhead – I have family down there! What a beautiful place you live!!

OK – back to sick kids, homeschooling and laundry! Playtime’s over!! 😉

I hope this link works – I was reading this article today titled “Scientists work on ‘Trauma Pill'” and it reminded me of the movie my brother and SIL had – “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. In that a young man realizes the woman he loves has erased all memory of him – it’s very complicated and very thought provoking. Anyway, as the article points out – that is sci fi and this new pill is not quite that effective. Instead of totally erasing a trauma – it “may make the resulting memories less painful and intense.”

So I was wondering if I would take something like that in regards to losing Joshua. And, then I realized that I no longer think of it as a trauma. It has been almost 3 years since we lost him so unexpectedly and it WAS traumatic. But now it is more of a defining moment for me. Don’t get me wrong….I’m still very much grieving his loss. Not a day goes by when I don’t realize we are mising part of our family. But, I think I might be more accepting of this trauma. I might be defined by it but I’m not traumatized.

And speaking of what defines us. I was talking with my DH yesterday in a very rare child-free moment and, if I understood him right, he does not want to be defined by our loss. I can’t understand that. Of course I’m defined by it. Just as I’m defined by being a child of divorce, a follower of Christ, the firstborn, all those years of infertility and so on. But these are not negative things – just defining things. I’m not using them to excuse bad behaviour – but I recognize that these are the factors that have fashioned me into the adult I am today.

So, what say you? Do you buy ‘defining moments’? Would you take a pill to relieve a trauma? (be sure to read the article – it may not be what you think it is) Love to interact with other about this!

…And should come with a warning label!! lol

I oh so innocently went to my LYS’s sit and knit last night and tonight I’m trying to figure out the gauge on my First Ever Sweater!! Becca, the manager, helped me choose a classic cardigan pattern by “Knit One, Crochet Too” that I love. We talked about yarn and she showed me some yummy cotton and wool blend yarn by Brown Sheep called “Cotton Fleece”. This morning I figured out how to afford said yarn and get my DH and boys to wait in the van while I bought it! They only called me once while I was in the store – wondering WHY it was taking so long!! LOL So, tonight I’m figuring out what needle I can use to get the right gauge and maybe I can cast on tonight!!

Prayers, well-wishes and advice freely accepted! 😉

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