J1 (almost 9) is playing a math game on the computer. In it a character taunts him by saying, “What’s a matter – you afraid of cats?” To which J1 replies “I’m not afraid of nuttin!” (short pause and quieter voice) “Except monsters under my bed!”

LOL It was all I could do not to laugh out loud! And, poor kid! I thought he was waaaay past all that!

We wrote a letter for the year-end and posted it online. I wasn’t interested in writing on at all this year, but DH didn’t want to stop this tradition. It just seemed like there was nothing good to this year, but DH was able to make it not depressing! 🙂 If you’d like to read it, you can find it here!

You are ‘Silent Night’! You really enjoy
Christmas, and you like your Christmases
conventional. For you, Christmas is about
family and traditions, and you rather enjoy the
rituals of going to church at midnight and
turning off the lights before flaming the plum
pudding. Although you find Christmas shopping
frustrating, you like the excitement of
wrapping and hiding presents, and opening a
single door on the Advent Calendar each day.
You like the traditional carols, and probably
teach the children to sing along to them. More
than anyone else, you will probably actually
have a merry Christmas.

1. List your five favorite beverages.

Coffee with Cinnamon Vanilla Creamer

Dr Pepper

Raspberry Lemonade

Rum & Coke

Coke Classic

2. List your five favorite websites.

http://www.osbornz.net (of course! 🙂





3. List your five favorite snack foods.

dried apricots





4. List your five favorite board and/or card games.


Spite & Malice (Cards)



Kings Corners (Cards)

5. List your five favorite computer and/or game system games.

Crossword puzzles at http://games.yahoo.com

Bookworm at http://games.yahoo.com

Diamond Mine at http://games.yahoo.com

Collapse at http://games.yahoo.com

Avalanche at http://games.yahoo.com

(Yeah, I gotta get out more! LOL)

Today J3 turned three! However, when he awoke this morning, he didn’t like the idea of a birthday AT ALL! 🙂 He crawled into my lap and his daddy and I started to sing “Happy Birthday” but he got very upset! “No bud-day” “No three, two!” But he eventually came around! 😉

We let him open one of the gifts we gave him this morning (Billy Blazes talking Rescue Hero) but the rest will wait until we go out for Pizza tonight with Grammy. His other grandparents have a Christmas party tonight.

The other part of our day involved taking him back to the Opthamalagist (sp?? Eye doctor) to check on his eye problem (Intermittnet something-or-other…when I have time to look up the word again, I”ll edit this entry). It was determined that it is getting worse and surgery has been schedule for March. Which gives Eric and I time to pray and research whether this is what we want to do. I guess surgery is best because it is both his eyes, not just one eye.

Well, I’d better get off this silly machine and ice those cupcakes! Or as J3 calls them ‘MY cakes”! 🙂