I feel so spoiled!!!! First, the box arrived during a stressful meeting for DS#2 school – actually I thought it would be stressful but it turned out to be very nice and they were very complimentary about my recordkeeping and our CT even said she saw a bit of improvement already – and it does seem like J2 is getting the fact that letters=sounds=words=reading concept. 🙂

So, the mail arrives and I see a box and I start to get excited! In my mind I’m thinking – “I just got a letter! I just got a letter! I just got a letter – wonder who it’s from!?!” (yes, I have a preschooler!)

So I get it and it says “From: Secret Pal” OH MY GOSH!!! I”m getting excited! And, since i love a good mystery I hunt all over and the only clue I can find is that there is a sticker wtih a Houston Texas address on it – so, my SP lives in Texas! Which gives me NO help in solving the msytery of my SP! LOL But I don’t truly want to know yet! LOL

So, I finally escort my company out and rip open the box!! First, it’s wrapped in the cutest Valentine’s day tissue paper and there is PURPLE foil streamers for packing! Too cute! Inside there is a Happy Valentine’s Day card, heart shaped peeps, (how embarrassing – I thought I’d saved this as a draft when DH invited me outside to knit and watch the sun go down and the kids screaming on the trampoline! But I published it instead!! Sorry!!)…a miniture book on knitting, some bamboo double-pointed needles(!!), and some magic stripes yarn (!!!!!) that I’ve been coveting!!! 🙂 I’m just so tickled! I’ll post a pic of my goodies after dinner!

THANK YOU SECRET PAL….where ever you are!!!! You are spoiling me real good!! 🙂