Today I got to unload three boxes of goodies!! Box #1 had my new Canon photo printer!! Box #2 had my new digital camera!!!! and Box #3 had some books for the boys! THAT was really fun! But now I have to learn how to use all these toys!

oh! And, I had three gals join me for the Woodland Area Knitters group!! yippee!! We are even getting pretty close to setting up our first meeting!! I’m so jazzed! Adult-type conversation!!

One downer for today – My sleep study got bumped a month. (sigh) These people don’t understand how hard this is for me! I want to feel good! I want to stay awake if I sit down! I want energy!! The new date is April 21 – I’m doing the countdown now! Please Lord – let this be a good thing! Let me get the help to start feeling good!

First, check out this article: Knitter’s Train! Now I don’t commute, and rarely get to go to the Bay Area anymore – but I’d love to take this trip all the same! But it would HAVE to be kid free! I’ve really been wishing I could join a local knitting group – but the guild in the area meets midday so that doesn’t fit my schedule. I’d love to visit the groups that VioletKnits attends – but I’m not sure about driving into downtown Sacramento at night – I really do prefer the quieter lifestyle my small town provides! But, oh! to talk to other knitters – to be encouraged to keep it up, to get ideas and knowledge! I’m too busy to start something like this in my community…I am! 🙁

We had a really nice Easter weekend. Saturday we cleaned house – the kids were able to play outside almost all day so it stayed clean too! LOL The new Entertainment Armoire arrived – if you are curious to see it, follow this link – I took pics for some online friends who wanted to see pics of it! 🙂 We ended the day by going to visit my DH’s sister and BIL and our nephew. It’s definitely official that I won’t be babysitting this nephew anymore. With the special classes that J2 will need to take – as well as pursuing speech therapy for J3 – that babysitting was becoming something for which I had less and less time. Also, he is starting to look so much like my son, Joshie (who we lost at 8 mos old) that I was completely falling apart each night that he visited me….it was just too hard to keep those feelings at bay. 🙁

Then yesterday, we got up and attended church – it was a great service with some WONDERFUL worship! We skipped out on Sunday School – who knew they would have SS on Easter Sunday??? – and came home to prepare for the family BBQ. I admit…I was really dreading it, but it was very nice. My mom, mil, fil, DH’s brother and 3 of his kids, DH’s sister’s 3 kids (she was sleeping – she works nights as a nurse), DH’s other sister and her son (her hubby was working – he’s a chef)…and then both DH’s sister and his BIL made an appearance at the end of the afternoon – which was very nice as they ate some more of the leftovers and we had time for a nice visit! The kids LOVED the trampoline – we had an egg hunt too. I’m going to add pics to the gallery later today – I’ll post here when they are online!

Well, I’ve got a puddle of J3 at my feet saying he is ‘firsty’ so I’d better get off this ‘puter! Hoping to knit the heels in J1’s slippers today! Take care y’all!!