…but it’s looking like it is going to be too big for her. I’m considering adjusting it a bit to see if I can make it big enough for an adult….a small adult. I’ve got about 4 rows of the Thingalong (see sidebar for information) and I’ve pretty much abandoned the socks I was trying to make (too hard without real life help) and my Hubby’s blanket may never get finished! LOL

Hopefully I can finish the blanket soon and make good progress on the sweater!

On a blogging note, I’m going to be adding some links for blogs I’ve been reading – I hope you can visit them too! 🙂

I’m not sure I shared it here, but on Eric’s birthday – November 7th – J3 woke up and declared he was done with diapers because he was now a big boy. And, he was! I think we’ve only had two accidents since then and has a complete breakdown if Mommy forgets and refers to him as her baby. 😉

Along with potty training himself, he decided to start dressing himself. To save his dignity we’ve put up with backward underware and shirts – who is it going to hurt anyway. I have taken to laying out his clothes for him so that he matches – but he tolerates that.

This morning he showed up in the kitchen with a “Tada!” and he was dressed! Eric felt he needed a bit of adjusting and as he attended to that, he thought the underwear felt a little strange. It seems J3 put the new underwear over yesterday’s underwear. Why? we asked. His simple response? “It’s warm.” LOL