Boy – did this take forever!! I’ve added a family gallery section to our webpage. If you are a family member or friend, send me an email and I’ll send you the user name and password to access it!

Gee, my kids are beautiful! 🙂

I received this via an email list I’m on for grieving parents. It was so uplifting to me today!

I know you’re feeling sad today

because I had to go.

I know you have so many things

that remind you of me so.

And though you cry as you recall

the times you spent with me.

I know your pain would turn to joy

if only you could see.

I’m in Heaven with Jesus now.

We laugh, we sing, we play.

He holds me gently in His arms.

I know no pain today.

And though we’re apart a little while,

Jesus has promised me

He’ll someday bring YOU here

where we’ll live for eternity.

by Lisa Robertson

Tomorrow it will have been 6 mos since losing Josh. I feel sick to my stomach already. So much garbage is going on in our life right now. I just pray that we can make it to 1 year together as a family. If you pray, prayers for our family would be so appreciated. So many things are coming at us all at once and we need a break…a big one!

Boys are so much fun!

Today I decided to read “St George and the Dragon” to the boys. We decided to use ‘guys’ (NEVER called dolls in our testosterone heavy house) to recreate the story. We are fortunate in that we posess a dragon – who’s eyes glow red at the touch of a button but sadly does not breath fire. Much discussion followed about how one might cause the dragon to breath fire, however mom stepped in and the decision was made that we would excercise our imaginations instead! Darth Vader was cast as St George cause “he’s got a sword (lightsaber) and he’s cool looking”. Since we do not have girl dolls….er, ‘guys’….Princess Una was played by a flower recently won at the Yolo County fair and since dubbed “lovely”. Last, a lego castle was constructed for the dragon to attack and St George/Darth Vader to protect.

What fun! And, the boys never knew that they learned some things!! Mommies love being sneaky that way!!

I can feel the blanket covering me…

it affects everything I hear…

everything I say…

everything I see.

The blanket makes it hard

for me to enjoy life…

hard for me to care…

hard to do the simplest things.

There are times I feel that

I will be able to get out

from under the blanket,

but then I realize there

are times I don’t want to.

Somedays it’s too hard

to go on…

to enjoy life…

to care.

Those days I pull

my blanket over my head

and let the tears flow.

This is one of those days.

Copyright, 2003 – 2006.  Amy Osborn