Today I learned…

  • My brain doesn’t understand Saturday.  I guess when you wake up all week at 5am, my brain and body just keeps doing it.
  • My dogs don’t understand Saturday.  The minute they hear the microwave warming up my coffee, they start barking to go outside.
  • My youngest doesn’t understand Saturday.  She woke up an hour earlier than her normal waking time!  WHA?!
  • My youngest can’t look at a book without asking me tons of questions and sharing it with me.  (but I was a good mommy – I listened and explained and was patient. Where is my gold star?)  Tomorrow I will have an audio book or a video (and head phones) on my iPad ready for her to enjoy if we have a repeat.
  • I can do about a 5 second plank (#helloexercise) lol oh well, I tried and will keep trying!
  • Learned tons about doing my own Bible study via the book “Savoring Living Water” from   Some of it was old stuff, a few things were new concepts but it all refreshed my soul!  I needed that this morning – even if it was interrupted by walruses, sea lions, hammerhead sharks and sea stars! 😉

What have you learned today?