Today I learned…

  • My brain doesn’t understand Saturday.  I guess when you wake up all week at 5am, my brain and body just keeps doing it.
  • My dogs don’t understand Saturday.  The minute they hear the microwave warming up my coffee, they start barking to go outside.
  • My youngest doesn’t understand Saturday.  She woke up an hour earlier than her normal waking time!  WHA?!
  • My youngest can’t look at a book without asking me tons of questions and sharing it with me.  (but I was a good mommy – I listened and explained and was patient. Where is my gold star?)  Tomorrow I will have an audio book or a video (and head phones) on my iPad ready for her to enjoy if we have a repeat.
  • I can do about a 5 second plank (#helloexercise) lol oh well, I tried and will keep trying!
  • Learned tons about doing my own Bible study via the book “Savoring Living Water” from   Some of it was old stuff, a few things were new concepts but it all refreshed my soul!  I needed that this morning – even if it was interrupted by walruses, sea lions, hammerhead sharks and sea stars! 😉

What have you learned today?

2 Thoughts on “Learning new things…

  1. Joanna on May 4, 2013 at 10:37 am said:

    1. Going to garage sales with my 5 yr. old daughter is fun, even when it’s raining. 🙂
    2. People will want to give her little (or not so little- hula hoop) toys.
    3. Take plenty of quarters because everything she wants costs a quarter.
    4. Take the time, even in the rain, to take the Thomas the Tank comforter out of the bag to make sure it’s in good shape. Oops!
    5. Asking about the religious books a vendor is selling can lead to an interesting faith discussion.

    Kudos and a gold star for the book discussion with your daughter! I am not patient with those either.

    • Loved hearing what you learned today! 🙂 I don’t take my 5 yr old to garage sales – but if I do, I will remember to give her some quarters! Thanks for the gold star!!

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