J2 has been done with school since the end of May. J3 has been done since June 8th. Today is the last official day of school for J1 and DH…tomorrow being an end of school pool party – how can we count that as school?

But now, I’m starting to stress! Eric, bless his heart, will be home and making me crazy! Long gone will be my quiet mornings to organize my thoughts and plan my day. The only thing I can think to do would be to try and get up before him – but the man sleeps less than 5 hours a night!!

J1 will, of course, try to stay up as late as possible and sleep as late as possible. 🙁 Thus there will be grumpy mornings and angry nights.  Lord, save me from the 11 yr olds!!
How horrible is it of me to not be looking forward to this time?

Oh – and camp! Let’s not forget camp! Dh will be speaking at one camp (5 days) and then camp pastor for the next (5 days). Our inlaws are letting us take their RV, so we’ll have an AC and other comforts….and I won’t have to cook. But I’m dreading it!  I’m NOT a people person and I’ll be responsible for keeping the boys (1) entertained, (2) safe and (3) out of the way of the campers.  Yeah, fun.
Yes, I’m whining…but if I whine here – then I don’t have to bring down anyone around here. Don’t you feel blessed! Yeah, I didn’t thing so! ; )

Let’s see – what is one thing I’m blessed by today……………..I’m thinking….don’t rush me………………..Well, you know what? There are just days like this.

About how much money did you spend on gas this week?

I just spent $48.58 for my van – I know DH probably spent $35 for his car. Yikes!

What is your favortite brand of toilet paper?

Angel Soft 😉

When was the last time you discovered something that you thought was pure genius?

The Magic Loop method for knitting in the round. And it IS pure genius! I’m never going back to DPNs! NEVER!!
Main Course
What is the least amount of sleep you can get by on per night?

I really need at least 7 hours – but on rare occasions I can get away with 5…but you won’t like me the next day. I sure don’t like me!

June is a popular month for weddings. Do you know anyone who is getting married this month?

Surprisingly no. How strange!

While helping my brother with something on his blog I noticed the About page – and decided this would be a good time to write my 100 things. You’ve seen those lists – 100 things about the author of the blog. A fun way to find something – ANYTHING – in common with someone else.
I’ve been wanting to write one forever, but really thought it would be very hard. What does it say that it was pretty easy? That I’m self-centered? Yikes! I thought it would be a work in progress, but it just flowed out of me. Of course, I realized some of the comments aren’t necessarily about me – and I may tweak them from time to time.
Anyway, it’s done! Check it out and let me know what you think!