“I won a book! I won a book!!”

Ok – my boys think I’m crazy now! Lol They are used to mom talking back to her mp3 player – but the dance might have been too much! 😉 I never win anything – but I won the book of my choice (from a field of a dozen or so?) from Kelli at the Unwound Podcast!

I chose Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby – and I can take it off my Amazon wish list. And, I’m taking a beginning lace class in 4 days with my friend Ruth – 2007 will definitely be the year of lace!

Kelli featured another book that was a real contender – and was added to my Amazon wish list: Amazing Crochet Lace: New Fashions Inspired by Old-Fashioned Lace by Doris Chan But as I already know how to make lace in crochet – I chose the other. But I have not made any crochet lace garments – and I think I’m going to be looking for some nice patterns online.

What else was I going to tell you about? Oh – my poor baby! DH woke me up at 7am to tell me that J3 was crying again. He was not in his bed – so I followed the crying sound and found him in the bathroom. Poor guy was sitting there crying his eyes out. But he looks at me and says through the tears – “Good Morning Mommy” Awww He’s so sweet – but darn he is soo miserable! 🙁 I pray that he is through with this very soon!

Hey Mendy!! So great to hear from you! How are you and yours? Do you blog any where I can catch up with you? I’ve missed you!

Well, I’d better get dressed and start my day. Though due to the illness in the family (looks like J1 might have it too 🙁 ) I’m not sure my day will be much more than laundry and knitting. Hee hee – who am I kidding?!? I’ll love that!

Here is why I hate sending some of my kids to a school environment!  My youngest is sick with this stuff – blisters in his throat and a fever.  Poor thing is in such pain.  And, I fear sending him back will only expose him again!

Not to mention that his brothers (and us?) are probably going to get it.  (sigh)  Prayers are definitely appreciated.  Patience for me…protection for those of us who are not sick (yet)…and healing!

You all better get out there and buy some stock in Lysol and liquid soap — we are going to be using lots of it!

If you are looking for short-term charity knitting – please check out the “Red Scarf Project” from the Orphan Foundation of America. From their site:

Love to knit, crochet or know someone who does? Send warmth and encouragement to America’s college-bound foster youth. OFA needs thousands of handmade scarves to put in our Valentine Care Packages to these parentless youth attending college on their own. Your handiwork will truly be the personal touch in these packages and bring students the encouragement they need to move forward and graduate to a brighter future.

Visit the site for guidelines and mailing address. Don’t worry – it’s not due until January – you can do this and brighten someone’s day!!

I’ve finally frogged the Irish Hiking Scarf I was knitting for DH – it was wonderfully soft and beautiful. However, something was wrong with the edges and I just was not happy with it. Plus – he never even noticed it – and I couldn’t get excited about knitting something that was not going to be appreciated and used.

Hats for Charity – I’m 1/2 week ahead of myself!! Yippee! And, if I can cast on two more and get them done by next week at this time….I’ll be 1 week ahead!! 🙂 Yes, I’m pretty proud of myself!!

I’m taking a Beginning Lace class next week at the new local yarn shop – Knitter’s Playground (no website yet). It will be 3 hours next Wednesday. They said we’d need sport or worsted weight yarn to play with and needles that are pointy – something with which we can easily do a k2tog. Maybe this is why I have so much trouble with K2tog sometimes -not pointy enough needles – it would be nice to know it’s not my fault!! 😉 Now to decided if I bring something boring from my own stash or treat myself to new yarn that day? Decisions, decisions. I want to support the shop (and thus keep it around) but it IS December. (sigh)

Purple socks – I tried to knit them last night after I finished this week’s hat at knit night – I got so frustrated with K2tog that it went back in the bag. Maybe I need to pick up some new pointy needles at KnitPicks or maybe THAT’S what I’ll buy myself next week at the new shop!

My friend Theresa changed the name of her blog to Stitches of Grace. You all ought to go visit her – she’s the sweetest!!

Found this on a blog today – can’t remember where I was ! But it looked like fun!

A – Available/Single? Very Married – almost 20 years

B – Best Friend? My husband – truly, no one knows me better!

C- Cake or Pie? Pie – walnut preferrably!

D – Drink Of Choice? Coffee or water – but not tap – shudder!
E – Essential Item You Use Everyday? My computer

F – Favorite Color? Purple

G – Gummy Bears Or Worms? Bears – but only if that is my ONLY choice! I prefer Swedish Fish!

H – Hometown? Woodland, California

I – Indulgence? A mocha once in a while (monthly?)

J – January Or February? January – J1 and my mom’s birthdays

K – Kids & Their Names? J1, J2, J3 and Joshua – all boys
L – Life Is Incomplete Without? Chocolate? lol No, my family

M – Marriage Date? May 23, 1987

N – Number Of Siblings? One sister and one brother – both younger

O – Oranges Or Apples? Oranges

P – Phobias/Fears? Claustrophobia

Q – Favorite Quote? “Fake it till you make it!”

R – Reason To Smile? My boys

S – Season? Fall

T – Tag Three People? If you want to play: Tag! You’re it! Let me know so I can read your answers!
U – Unknown Fact About Me? I sleep with a blanket – keeps me warm on cold nights and dries my tears on bad nights.

V – Vacation Of Your Dreams/Vegetable you don’t like? A Cabin at the beach – with a comfy chair and a great view! I do not like broccoli (shudder)

W – Worst Habit? Biting my nails when I’m nervous
X – X-rays You’ve Had? Do Ultrasounds count? If not, just my toes when I’ve broken them.
Y – Your Favorite Food? Anything I didn’t have to cook!

Z – Zodiac Sign? Leo

I’ve found a few more treasures to share:

  • Let’s Knit 2gether – a video podcast that I use bloglines to keep track of and I watch on their site as I do not have the ability to watch videos on my mp3 player.  Most recent episode was on felting – I definitely learned something new!
  • Sticks and Strings – a gentleman from Australia – love his accent!
  • Librivox – free public-domain audiobooks to listen while I knit.
  • Unwound – Only two episodes and I’ve only listened to about 15 mins of first one and I’m loving it!  Check it out!  But be warned – you are going want yarn from South West when you are done listening to it!

Hope you enjoy these new discoveries – I’m off to my water class! 🙂