Today I forgot to turn on my weekend alarm clock so at 7am when the 5 yr old wanted help getting dressed, I was still deep asleep.  Normally my body has been waking me up, but not today!  After I got up (grumbling all the way), I was met by a fight between the 12 yr old and 5 yr old. Nice, not.

Then a walk into the kitchen showed me that the dishes fairy had not come AND no one had bothered to rinse or soak their dishes.

Ok, I might have had a little tantrum then….I’m not sure as it was pre-coffee!

But that was just another opportunity to see that I am a much better wife (did you hear me grumping about my Hubs? hope not!) and mom (I definitely was grumpy mom this morning!) when I awake before my family!  I might still be grumpy about the dishes in the sink, but I can quickly rinse them out while the Lord reminds me that I am blessed because they are all here and healthy!

So, thank you Lord, for the lesson! Let’s hope I can really learn it this time!

3 Thoughts on “Thank you Lord, for the lesson

  1. the husband on June 1, 2013 at 10:30 am said:

    Amy, you really are amazing. Your ability to learn in the midst of trials is rare and inspiring.

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