There have been some hard things happening in our home, but from time-to-time I get a small bit of encouragement, and I don’t want to forget them!

  • A few weeks ago our oldest told us that he didn’t think he believed in God or needed God.  I was intially devastated but then I got on my knees.   But twice recently he has said somethings that really encouraged me:
    • When I was whining about the lack of space in our van and saying we needed a bigger vehicle he instantly prayed, “God, Momma wants an upgrade!”  It made me laugh but also blessed me as I realized he knew from Whom that blessing would come from!
    • Yesterday when I was upset about the van not starting and messing up my plan, he turned to me and said, “I don’t worry about things like this Mom.  God will help us fix it.”  I was blessed that he was reminding me that I was not alone!
  • Since experiencing a big cut to our monthly budget his summer, we’ve been having a hard time getting through the month.  Neither of our jobs can give us a raise, so we’ve been trying to cut back on expenses and be wise about our purchases.
    • Yesterday when the van died, Gpa O “just happened” to still have our almost brand new battery from the Ford wagon when it died.  It fit right in and started right up!  And saved us almost $80 for a new one!  And, nothing else was wrong with the van!
    • And, I received word that a retirement plan I forgot about needed to be cashed out or rolled over.  After praying about it – we are going to cash it out to help pay for a few things we need to do (car maintenance, etc) and get our savings back up to a safe level.  I had NO memory of this money and it couldn’t have come at a better time!

I’m sure there are more little encouragements but Sissy has reminded me that mornings naps are not her thing anymore! :(  Well, at least I got my Bible study done and two blog posts typed up!  PTL!

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