I’ve got everything I need now to start the “Thing” for the “Thingalong” in which I’m participating. It doesn’t start until January technically, but I was anxious to get started. But now I’m regretting it. This new cast-on method is making me crazy! 🙁

Of course I’m having a horrible day so I’m easily discouraged. But I feel like giving up before I even start! 🙁

Gosh, I’m bumming myself out!

I wrote this in August of 2003 – today is, again, one of those days:

08/12/2003 Entry: “Blanket of Grief”

I can feel the blanket covering me…

it affects everything I hear…

everything I say…

everything I see.

The blanket makes it hard

for me to enjoy life…

hard for me to care…

hard to do the simplest things.

There are times I feel that

I will be able to get out

from under the blanket,

but then I realize there

are times I don’t want to.

Somedays it’s too hard

to go on…

to enjoy life…

to care.

Those days I pull

my blanket over my head

and let the tears flow.

This is one of those days.

It’s Monday and all I wanna do is knit!! But I’ve got to get J2 through his school work (our CT comes tomorrow) and go to gymnastics and…well, maybe there will be more time than I first thought!

The new issue of Knitty is out today!! Click on the link in the sidebar to read the articles and see the new patterns!

Have a great day y’all – hopefully when I check back in, I’ll have gotten to knit something! 🙂