I talked to my brother!! He was transferred to another SF hospital and we didn’t know where it was – I found a phone number and they transferred me to the ER where a wonderful nurse named Mary told me that they found Brett has blood flowing to his fingers PTL!!!! And, that he will be in surgery at Midnight PST.

Then she said, would you like to talk to him? YES!!!

He sounded drugged up (of course) and he said he was in a lot of pain (again, of course) but he was more worried about all of us. He talked to my mom too and asked her not to worry about him

So the plan now is that Mom and his Wife & Daughter will go to SF very early in the morning and see him after surgery. Later in the morning, my Sister, Dad and Stemom and I will go later in the morning to see him.

There is still alot of unknowns about his outcome – but I’m feeling soooo much better after hearing his voice! Thank you for your prayers!! Please keep it up!