My Secret pal sent me a gift a week ago and I forgot to say thank you! 🙁 Bad Amy!!


She blessed me with Veggie Tale coloring books/shrinkies for the boys – some Magic Stripes yarn (knitting a tie for DH) – and a Chibi (for those who don’t knit its a cute little container for your darning needles – and it comes with darning needles!) I feel so spoiled!! I can’t wait to find out who you are so I can get to know you!

Today I got J2’s new 2nd grade curriculum and panicked! lol It all looks too advanced for him. But rather than give in to the panic, I decided to give it another shot. I’ve been sort of slack this summer (so much for great intentions). We sat right now and I pulled out the flash cards I had prepared for him last Spring – I think there are at least 50 of them. We struggled through every single sound on those cards.

But then I pulled out the first reader (Sing, Spell, Read, Write) and asked him if he’d like to try – and he did. Again, it was a struggle and darn the pictures – I finally just covered them with my hand and reminded him to sound it out.

And, he did it!! 18 pages about Al & Nat!! At one point he looked at me and said, “I’m a reader!” with a sideways grin! Yes, baby, you are a reader!!
I couldn’t be prouder!!

I’m headed out Friday night – my mom and I are heading up to Redding (yes, the land of 112-118 degrees ) to spend the weekend with my Brother, his wife and my niece. My SIL is having a book party on Saturday but sadly I don’t have much money. Probably a good thing!

I’m knitting again! I realized that my projects are a bit to big and frustrating. So, I’m working on some washclothes and a tie for DH (actually a big project but mostly one stitch over and over and over….)

The only other thing going on is that we are taking the kids to Marine World for my birthday next Tuesday. Looking forward to the new Ocean Discovery part of the park.

Well, that’s really it – not much else coming up. Except continuing to plan for school starting Mid August! Until next time…

I’ve been so busy! I have no idea where to start on my catching up! Maybe a quick update on everyone and then I can share some pictures from the last few weeks! 🙂

J3 (4) has been dealing with an illness lately – some pretty high fevers. 🙁 But he’s also becoming quite the waterboy! While he’s technically not swimming, he loves to dive his head down in the water and tread water – if he could just figure out how to kick he’d be moving! Here is a recent pic of J3 watching his cousin’s Tball game:

J2 (8, almost 9!) has just been enjoying his summer! He and Carson (his local cousin) have been enjoying lots of imaginary play. He’s not looking forward to school starting in a few weeks – and I guess we’ll be going to Sacramento at least once a week for his speech therapy. I’ve been trying to order his curriculum for this fall – what a crazy experience THAT has been! Here is a picture of J2 and Daddy that we took last weekend on a picnic:

J1 (10) has been enjoying the computer lately – thankfully we have a PC that we use for schoolwork. It was really messed up earlier but Eric got it working – and then I was able to set it up for the internet with some great parental controls and J1 has been creating Neopets and such – I need to remember to send him an email today! If you are a friend and want to email J1, you need to email me first, because only those I approve can send him email…but he’d love to hear from you and it’s great reading and writing practice! Here is J1 and one of his adventures this summer – a lemonade stand! (more pics later I hope)

(note the 2 different prices – depending on the color of your cup – which were the SAME size! LOL)

Eric (older than me!!) has been enjoying his summer, working like crazy to get his curriculum figured out, already finished the newest Harry Potter, continues to battle his diabetes, and just took a temporary office job that was offered him for the rest of the summer. We weren’t looking for anything, but the Lord brought this to him and he took it. A little extra money is always nice! Searching for a pic of Eric – here is one with his brother on the 4th of July – was THAT a HOT day! Ugh!

Me (39 in 12 days) well, just so you know…there will be NO picture of me. I take the worst pictures! Ugh! Plus I’ve had it with being overweight! So, until I lose some of this weight – no pics! Hopefully I’ll have something to post soon! I finally had my sleep study and I had severe sleep apnea. I’ve had my CPAP machine for two nights and I’m sleeping really well! I’m still working for the Homeschool Magazine and really enjoying it! Let me clarify – I’m not writing anything – I’m doing lots of behind the scenes jobs that fit my organizational and computer skills! And, the people are the greatest!! I’m also still doing webpages for local nonprofits – I’m currently working on the Yolo County YMCA webpage. I’ll be sure to share the link when something is ready to go online. ok…I’ll give up…here is a pic of me and baby Kaya:
What? What are you complaining about – that’s my arm! LOL

Ok…here are random pics from our summer! Enjoy!!
The boys celebrating their first sale with Grandma O

J1 and Uncle Brett enjoying the 4th of July

My niece, Becca, getting ready to enjoy the fireworks in Meridian on July 9th.

My SIL, Christy, and her daughter, Kaya

One of my attempts to capture a picture of the fireworks at Meridian

J1 in a tree at Sugarloaf State Park

Ok…this will probably be enough to get you by, right!?! 😉 LOL I promise to be better about writing!

Today we are having a small family BBQ – just Eric, the kids and me. I’m preparing BBQ ribs, corn on the cob and a simple pasta salad.
Tomorrow we are having a larger gathering – at this point we plan to be with Eric’s folks, my mom, my brother, his wife and baby girl, Eric’s sister and her 4 kids….and I’m not sure about Eric’s other sister and son or Eric’s brother and his kids. We’ll eat, swim, slip-n-slide, eat some more and eventually head to the town’s fireworks display towards evening. For tomorrow I only need prepare a potato salad and watermelon- which reminds me that I need to head to the store! Hope everyone (in the US) enjoys their Holiday!!