First, check out this article: Knitter’s Train! Now I don’t commute, and rarely get to go to the Bay Area anymore – but I’d love to take this trip all the same! But it would HAVE to be kid free! I’ve really been wishing I could join a local knitting group – but the guild in the area meets midday so that doesn’t fit my schedule. I’d love to visit the groups that VioletKnits attends – but I’m not sure about driving into downtown Sacramento at night – I really do prefer the quieter lifestyle my small town provides! But, oh! to talk to other knitters – to be encouraged to keep it up, to get ideas and knowledge! I’m too busy to start something like this in my community…I am! 🙁

We had a really nice Easter weekend. Saturday we cleaned house – the kids were able to play outside almost all day so it stayed clean too! LOL The new Entertainment Armoire arrived – if you are curious to see it, follow this link – I took pics for some online friends who wanted to see pics of it! 🙂 We ended the day by going to visit my DH’s sister and BIL and our nephew. It’s definitely official that I won’t be babysitting this nephew anymore. With the special classes that J2 will need to take – as well as pursuing speech therapy for J3 – that babysitting was becoming something for which I had less and less time. Also, he is starting to look so much like my son, Joshie (who we lost at 8 mos old) that I was completely falling apart each night that he visited me….it was just too hard to keep those feelings at bay. 🙁

Then yesterday, we got up and attended church – it was a great service with some WONDERFUL worship! We skipped out on Sunday School – who knew they would have SS on Easter Sunday??? – and came home to prepare for the family BBQ. I admit…I was really dreading it, but it was very nice. My mom, mil, fil, DH’s brother and 3 of his kids, DH’s sister’s 3 kids (she was sleeping – she works nights as a nurse), DH’s other sister and her son (her hubby was working – he’s a chef)…and then both DH’s sister and his BIL made an appearance at the end of the afternoon – which was very nice as they ate some more of the leftovers and we had time for a nice visit! The kids LOVED the trampoline – we had an egg hunt too. I’m going to add pics to the gallery later today – I’ll post here when they are online!

Well, I’ve got a puddle of J3 at my feet saying he is ‘firsty’ so I’d better get off this ‘puter! Hoping to knit the heels in J1’s slippers today! Take care y’all!!

Thursday night I went to bed anticipating my friend Naomi’s baby’s impending birth – we were all guessing about the baby’s size, weight, name – all those things we do at times like these. I awoke on Friday to the news that her daughter, Lillian, had been born still.

This, of course, brought back all the memories! Oh, if I could only spare another mother from those feelings!! And, I have such guilt that I had 9 mos of Joshie to hold and cuddle – Naomi never got that with Lillian!

But the Lord is good. I’m confident that these babies are better off where they are now.

Going to keep this short for now as it’s still a bit too raw…I want to say more but need to process my feelings more. Please keep Naomi and J3 in your prayers!

Today I’m cohosting (with my sister Beth) a baby shower for our sister-in-law Christy. Ironic, huh? Grieving and celebration….Lord, give me strength!