“What I did for my Christmas Holiday”
by Amy Osborn (age 38)

LOL! I guess I feel a bit silly today.

Our Christmas started on Christmas eve – we got to my mom’s house at 1pm (we were late) and Eric & my brother, Brett came back here to set up the trampoline. Beth & her family arrived and her DH, Kevin, headed over to my house too. When the guys got back we had a dinner of appetizers: crab spread on good breads, deviled eggs, meatballs & mushrom, ham&cheese ‘wreath’, Mom’s chinese salad. Yum! Then we congregated in the living room for gifts. I really enjoyed giving my brother his gifts – one of them the children’s book called “Hogula: Dread pig of night” (After the presents he read us the book and we found out that Beth’s real name should be “Elvis Ann” instead of “Elizabeth Ann” LOL

Bethie had my name and she gave me scrapbook paper and neat notepads, 3 bracelets and a neat basket that holding my sock knitting!

After a few more laughs we headed home and watched the beginning of ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ – and headed to bed.

The next morning J2 and Daddy woke everyone up at 7am so we could open gifts and get breakfast started before our guests arrived. Dh got me two beautiful pics for Christmas.

After all the gifts were opened….I got the video camera and Eric lined up the kids in front of the picture window and opened the drapes – they were pretty excited to see the trampoline!! But they were even happier later in the day to find out were weren’t just borrowing it! LOL

For breakfast, I made a breakfast casserole, party potatoes, sausage links, cider, coffee and OJ. My Mom, brother/SIL, FIL/MIL all joined us for breakfast. My FIL made his famous pancakes too – but it was almost too much food then. I hope to carry on this tradition for years to come! It was a nice way to start the day.

Then everyone left but Momma and we all rested for awhile – DH layed in bed almost all day watching videos he was given…argh! Oh well, I guess it’s his vacation! Mom and I made 4 pies – 2 sugarfree apple and 2 walnut pies. Then we made 3 casserole dishes (turns out I didn’t need to double the recipe! LOL) of shepherd’s pie – which was DH request for dinner. However, we have the smallest oven in the world and it seemed to take FOREVER to get all that baking done! When we were almost done I was removing a pie or something and I burnt my finger and dropped the hotpad- right on the element! Those things burn like none of your business!! Yikes! But the adrenaline rush got rid of my headache! LOL

After dinner our friends showed up with gifts (I got a sweater and Scottish Christmas Tea) and a new game of Trivial Pursuit Lord of the Rings version. I insisted on being on Eric’s team and thank goodness I watch all those silly ‘making of the movie’ featurettes – we won!!

This morning, J2 and J1 are still not feeling well, so the three of us are home from Church. This evening we are getting together with DHs family for another gift exchange! It’s been a nice couple of days…but I’m looking forward to a little peace now that the Holiday is over!

I had probably 35% of 1 sock done…but I was having major problems. So last night I did a search for toeup socks…and it was difficult at first, but by midnight I was doing great!! 🙂 I’m excited to be doing it now and can’t wait to see it come together!!

Later today, I hope, I’ll post the link to the pattern I’m using and maybe even a picture of my WIP!