Have you ever seen an Extreme sports show? You know, the guys who jump off buildings or dive out planes? Well, they get started somewhere – and today I saw a few of them!

Today was our second son’s last Tball game – and they’ve come a long way with a great coach. In the beginning, they would just watch the ball go by and the coach would have to tell them to run after it and throw it to first base. Now when the ball was hit, the WHOLE team would run up on it and try to get it – it was a wonderful thing to see!

And, then it got a bit wild! LOL And, my son and nephew were the worst!! It’s a bit embarrassing, but actually pretty funny! What happened was as the whole team would approach the ball, someone decided it was more important that THEY get the ball – even if it meant that the runner made it all the way around the bases before they quit tusseling. And, then they added falling down….sliding to catch the ball….tackling the teammate that got their first.

Ok…maybe it sounds bad. But all the parents and kids were laughing and having a good time with it…and the coach was doing his best to keep order – poor guy!

Finally! I’m satisfied with my blogset (made by me – nothing fancy, but it does the job!!) and can start working on other things! Of course, I just noticed my linkie is outdated! And, I need to find out who links to me so I can get their links moved! Ugh!

I already moved my homeschool pages – check them out at http://cornerstoneacademy.osbornz.net where you can learn why we are Homeschooling our children and our goals and much more!

Boy, I really am glad this is done! What a relief! 🙂

The other template was nice, but not really what I wanted and since I was using other people’s work, I really couldn’t tweak it like i wanted to….so here is my own work. Nothing real fancy…but it will do the job! Now to ge the rest of my site going!