I feel discouraged today and I have no good reason for it. True, I’ve got a sink full of dishes…..laundry waiting to be washed, in the washer, in the dryer, and on the couch waiting to be folded….school to do today….presents to still buy (only a few though)…and floors that desperately need to be vacuumed, sweep and mopped (my chore for today). But that’s just life. Why this discouragement?

Maybe it’s time to change my focus! So, here are my blessings today:

1) My husband who faithfully keeps going each day even though his health is not the best.
2) J1 – who has such an active mind and a wonderful sensitivity to the Lord.
3) J2 – who is always joyful and interested in life.
4) J3 – who’s smile brightens my day everyday!
5) That through the grace of God I’m priviledged to call them my sons.
6) A warm home.
7) A pantry full of food waiting to be prepared for my family.
8) Yarn to keep my hands busy and my mind challenged.
9) A very parttime job that allows me to work from home for a company that values God and family before the magazine!
10) Online friends who are faithful to pray and even quicker to laugh with me!
11) My wonderful extended family.
12) I’m so thankful that we live in California again…near our family.

I really could go on, but I better deal with the kitchen, laundry and the day now! 🙂

Yes, life is busy right now – but it’s still fun to play! And, on that note, my friend Perri (who’s obsessing over Duke – declaring her love and loyalty! lol) sent me a recipe exchange that she got from Tee (who’s blog I had somehow missed over the years but I’m going to add to my reads!!)

I sent over my sister’s Taco soup recipe (hey, SHE shared it with me – she can find a different recipe to share this time!! LOL) to both Tee & Perri and figured that would be the end of it. I mean, seriously, does anyone but me reply to this things?

Well, yes they do!! My sister must have replied becuase her friend Cathy (sorry, no blog 🙁 sent me the following recipe! I can’t wait to try it! She agreed to let me share it here!! Enjoy!!

** This recipe was created by my husbands mother. It is a fantastic blend
of flavors. It is really good the next day as well. Toms father likes it
the next day placed between two slices of his favorite bread for a tasty
sandwich yummy!

Irenes Chili Meatloaf Mozzarella
From Tom & Cathy Burge

Mix together the following ingredients, shape mixture and press out into rectangle.

2 lbs Ground Round

7 oz can of sliced mushrooms drained

1 egg

cup plain bread crumbs

1/3 cup milk

7 oz green chili salsa verde (save some to top the meatloaf)

salt & pepper to taste

After the above mixture is rolled out, layer the following on top of the meat mixture:

1 large can seedless green chili fillets

mozzarella cheese slices

Roll meatloaf and seal the ends. Place seam down in baking pan. Top with shredded mozzarella and additional green chili salsa verde. Bake at 350 for 1 hours.

I have been totally swamped in spammers today hitting my comment section. I had to enact something where you have to be registered in order to comment here. It is free and the sign up is VERY quick.

I know it’s a hassle and I probably won’t get many comments now which bums me out because I so need feedback and to know that I’m being heard! I hate that the jerks ruin all the fun stuff!! 🙁

I had 66 new comments today!The comments were sooooooo sweet and complimentary and gushing with praise for my writing and my design and this must be the best blog they’ve ever read! Sadly it was all stinky spam! Ugh, ick, eww! They’re gone!!