Thursday night I went to bed anticipating my friend Naomi’s baby’s impending birth – we were all guessing about the baby’s size, weight, name – all those things we do at times like these. I awoke on Friday to the news that her daughter, Lillian, had been born still.

This, of course, brought back all the memories! Oh, if I could only spare another mother from those feelings!! And, I have such guilt that I had 9 mos of Joshie to hold and cuddle – Naomi never got that with Lillian!

But the Lord is good. I’m confident that these babies are better off where they are now.

Going to keep this short for now as it’s still a bit too raw…I want to say more but need to process my feelings more. Please keep Naomi and J3 in your prayers!

Today I’m cohosting (with my sister Beth) a baby shower for our sister-in-law Christy. Ironic, huh? Grieving and celebration….Lord, give me strength!

I got a box of Spring from my Secret Pal!! I just love getting mail and getting a box of goodies – well, there’s just nothing to compare!


My Secret Pal sent me – (in no particular order):

  • Easter Egg Cookie
  • Sheep tape measure
  • Green stained glass cross with gold trim – beautiful!!
  • 2 soaps – one with a sun and the other with duckies and rain
  • “Grow-a-basket” Buddy – my kids are fighting over that one! LOL
  • a lamb, in a tutu no less!, pen
  • Texas Jumbo Jelly Beans – the kids actually think I’m sharing – NOT!
  • 2 skeins of Cotton Chenille (in a beautiful sunny yellow and bright blue) with a note that this yarn is perfect for knitting wash cloths! And, I soooo appreciate that suggestion! I can’t wait to experience the luxury of a chenille washcloth! 🙂 And, I can try out some patterns I’ve been wanting to try!


    Thank you Secret Pal….whoever you are! I feel special!!

  • I haven’t wanted to blog – I keep thinking I have nothing to contribute. I keep wondering why anyone would care? Why share about my kids or my day or my knitting or my thoughts or my grief?

    I still don’t think I have anything to say, but I hate that my blog is getting dusty. So, let’s see….oh, I did finish my first sock…made it into a slipper for #1 son – he’s thrilled and anxiously awaiting the match. I did something wrong in picking up the stitches though and there is a hole in the 2nd sock. But he said, it’s your first one mom…just finish it. 🙂 He can be such a nice boy!

    Even though I’m still totally confused about picking up the stitches – I really am enjoying socks! My dear SP sent me some Magic Strip yarn and I’ve decided to get going on them. So, today I’m checking my gauge and hope to have them on the needles by this evening.

    First, knitting news! I turned the heel!! And, I’ve picked up the stitches!!! Up next the gusset!!! I’m sooooooo excited! I don’t wanna eat, I don’t wanna clean, I don’t wanna do anything but knit! Sadly, I still live in reality! ;/

    On the homefront…we are having a BBQ tonight with my mom, MIL, FIL, sister, BIL, nephew and two nieces. My BIL is going to help me a bit with this yard…what to keep, what to dig up…where to put a small garden…etc. I can’t wait.

    Well, I hate to make this so short….but I really want to finish that sock!!! 🙂