A friend sent me an article…which I’ll be chewing on for awhile…maybe I’ll share it with some thoughts eventually. Contained in the article was this poem by Ruth Graham – which is exactly why I don’t ask “Why?”

I lay my why s

before Your Cross

in worship kneeling,

my mind too numb

for thought,

my heart beyond

all feeling:

And worshipping,

realize that I

in knowing You

don t need a why.

I was writing a friend and realized I never shared here about the changes in our house. The first (and biggest) is that J1 is going to the Christian school where DH works. We always said we’d do what was best for the kids…and we were just clashing big time and DH put his foot down. The bottom line is that I can’t handle things as well as pregrief. I think DH is pretty worried about me, but I know that it will take time. I may never be the same person I was before – and that can have an upside too.

The other change is that we enrolled J2 (8) into a charter school – we are 85% sure we are dealing with dyslexia and I need the help. We talked about J2 accompanying Daddy and J1 to school….but he didn’t want to go and I think he needs more one-on-one time. Plus having J1 at school has really allowed him to grow as an individual and even exhibiting some leadership skills. Plus, he can’t blame J1 so he’s getting some needed attention in the discipline area too. LOL