Today I got a package from my stepmom – she and my Dad are in AZ right now. They are fulltime RVers and follow the sun. Anyway, she had gone to a swap meet last week and found a few books for me! One is on quilting and the other is “How to Knit” by Debbie Bliss. The subtitle is “The definitive knitting course complete with step-by-step techniques, stitch libraries and projects for your home and family.
If you notice my projects in process, you will notice that one of them is a child’s sweater – it is project #4 in this book. I’ve been borrowing this book from a friend for months and I’m thrilled to have my own copy!! After I get this project done, the next course is on Aran knitting! Can’t wait to try it!! 🙂
Well, jury duty has really created chaos in my life so I’d better get offline and get busy if I want a chance to knit tonight!
Happy needles

As is my fashion, I’m working on several things at once…

…I’m trying to learn how to knit socks for everyone in the family


…I’m working on a child’s sweater for my niece which will help me learn how to follow a pattern

Both of these projects are intended to help me reach my goal of knitting personalized Christmas stockings like my Grandma did when she was alive. We can not find the pattern she used, but the link to the left is very, very close! I feel I need to know how to follow a pattern and knit socks before I try the first stocking. So far I have about half a dozen family members waiting for a stocking!! Yikes!!

Today, I’m praising God that…

…my mom and MIL are friends – they are having lunch together and I just took them a few butterscotch chip cookies. 🙂

…my DH has a job he loves. Today he dressed up like Martin Luther and did a monologue for Chapel. They want him to do more!! 🙂 And, they will help him get the costume. PHEW!!

…for my sons. Who keep me young and make me feel old all at the same time.

…Joshie died when he did. We were able to enjoy him and never be cross with him. He showed us, in a way we will never forget, what is truly important. He never had the opportunity to not choose Jesus and eternal life. He is waiting for us and we’ll be spending eternity for him.

Puddling, but still joyful!