Finally a chance to post pics!

This weekend, DH and his three little foremen built a tree fort.


J2(8) and J1 (10) were VERY excited

J1 has said for a few years that he’d like to build homes for people who don’t have a home…who knows! He certainly was working hard here!

J2 getting a lesson on hammering

Then we went to my SIL’s house and took pics before our niece, Annika’s prom.
Here is Annika and her date, Eddie (?).

Gosh, it has been so long since I’ve had a moment to write here…I feel like a tresspasser here. There is so much to tell that it’s almost overwhelming and yet nothing is all that interesting! LOL How sad.

J1 and Eric have been on a break since April 18! While it’s nice to have them here…nothing is normal! In traditional Osborn fashion, as soon as Eric was off work he got sick. Maybe he was sick a few days before school was out, but I can’t remember now. We tried to go on our vacation to the Gold Country and, bless his heart, he tried to have a good time. But after 4 days – I got sick. We came home early. I spent about 5 days in bed….very weak. I’m only just now starting to feel human again. We had planned to visit our friends, Gregg & Dixie in Oregon during this break too – but due to the illness, we had to cancel.

J2 has had 2 visits for speech therapy during all this – he really enjoys it and tries very hard. I’m hating the weekly drive to Sacramento and waiting in the van SHOULD be a great time to knit, but even that hasn’t helped lately.

What else to tell you? Oh! The Woodland Area Knitters (WAKs) group that I started is taking off! We have about 12 members of the email list and a neat variety of people come each week to chat, share and knit. I’m really enjoying the diversity of the ladies (no men yet) and seeing the beautiful things they knit! And, the speed! Last week we had a couple of new gals (one who it turned out taught me to knit a few years ago LOL) and they were FAST!! OMGosh! I was amazed.

I’m still working as an indepent contractor for The Homeschool Magazine aka “The Old Schoolhouse” and loving it! In fact, I was just given some more duties! I love that it fits my skills, gifts and abilities so well and that I set the hours/time I will work!

Secret Pals 4 is over! I had the best SP – in fact, I have a photo around here somewhere with the last package of goodies she sent me – the boys loved that she remembered them too!

Well, I’ll try to write more soon – they need my help on the new fort!

We’ve been riding the whirlwind the past few days! But the next few weeks DH and J#1 are off school and we’ll be doing some traveling and things will just be a tad bit quieter….I hope.

Friday, My Dad and Stepmom arrived for a quick visit. But we hope to have them for a longer one next fall – assuming their 5th Wheel will fit in our driveway – and I think it will. They are full-time RVers – they travel all year long…no home but the one they pull behind them. They love it. It’t a bit hard to only see them twice a year – but that’s pretty much all I’ve had of my Dad since I was 5 – I just wish my kids had the opportunities to know them like they have with their other grandparents. But, I really just need to count our blessings and remember we have great Grandparents all around and my kids are blessed!

Then Friday evening the boys and I were going to drive up with my Dad and Stepmom to my sisters (where they’ve been staying for the week) and have a visit. DH was to meet us Saturday afternoon as my sister’s house after a meeting. But Friday night he decided to cancel out and caravan with us up the hill!

Saturday we lazed about in the morning – and Kevin, my BIL, gave us the tour of his yard (he has the coolest yard). When my Dad’s brother and his wife arrived, six of us adults got into our van and went off wine tasting. I think we hit 3 wineries – it was a beautiful day to be out so there were lots of people up there. We tasted lots of wine – come to find out I only like sweet wines – Reislings (Rieslings ?) and Muscats – dessert wines I guess you’d call them.

Well, I need to do some work around the house this afternoon – maybe even finish J1’s socks!

We had our 2nd Knitting group meeting last night!! There 5 knitters there! And we now have 8 ladies on our email list! I find that remarkable after only two weeks of existence and very little promotion.

Speaking of promotion I’m hoping to get some flyers created and put up in the bookstore where we meet and our local yarn shop (which is actually in the next town). But it’s not happening this week!

In knitting news, I’m alternately working on J1’s slipper socks, my shawl and the “Thing” sampler. I really want to do a cotton cardian, but I’ve yet to (1) find a pattern I love and (2) get the confidence! But the ladies in WAK are so brave and doing such neat projects that I’m starting to think I can do it with their help!! We’ll see!