Sounds like we’ve heard about the last of Joshie’s medical bills (tomorrow being the last day they can issue a bill)…though we’ve not seen them. I’ve tried to make sure I had enough set aside for that bill but it appears that I am going to be about 800 off. I’m frustrated, sad, and just weary of all this. I’m going to look at our bills tonight and make sure that’s all I’m off. Please pray for me as I do this. DH and I haven’t agreed at times about repaying this bill. He says they can get $5 a month for the rest of his life for all he cares. But I know that I can’t handle opening and paying that bill each month. I NEED it to be paid as soon as possible.

Thanks for listening…I just needed to not carry this alone.

This is a poem I wrote awhile ago…and then put aside. But it’s as true today as it was then. Wonder if it will always be true?

My hands ache to touch your soft skin

My arms ache to hold you

My lips ache to kiss you

My mouth aches to blow your downy soft hair

My nose aches to smell your powdery fresh scent

My ears ache to hear your cry

My feet ache to move in response to that cry

My fingers ache to feel yours wrapped around them again

My breasts ache to give life again

My eyes ache to look into yours and see myself

My heart aches

I ache

Hey all – could use your prayers again. Our #2 son, J2 (6), has been in the hospital since Sunday night – and Lord willing, will be home tomorrow. They’ve eliminated the life threatening disease they first thought it was…and now we just wait for more tests. The frustrating thing is we might never know.

Give our recent history, we are a little stressed out. Please pray.

Gotta get back to the hospital. – Forced middle school STD testing draws lawsuit – Jul. 8, 2003

NEW YORK (CNN) — School administrators forced several eighth-grade students to undergo tests for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases after they attended a party, the New York Civil Liberties Union claimed in a lawsuit filed Tuesday with federal court in Manhattan.

Ok…this isn’t really why I chose to homeschool – but I can’t believe this happened! What about the parents? Couldn’t they be trusted to make sure these children were disciplined? Were they consulted at all?

What a world, what a world?

(Anyone know what movie that’s from? One clue – it really has nothing to do with this topic!)