I’ve been missing in action…and it’s hard to start up again!  While I was gone – Eric worked his butt off on that tent trailer…someone gave us another one (going to use for parts) and a van to haul it with!! PTL!

I had a birthday of signifcance 😉 and my mom rented a house at the beach for all of us to stay together at the Beach.  My mom and my family were there for the whole 7 days, my brother and his family came for about 4 days and my sister and her kids for about 3 days.  We missed my BIL who could not get away from work.  I’ve got pics to share – but that will have to be another day!

I’m working on getting organized for our new year of homeschooling J2 (J1 and J3 will attend the school where Eric teachs 4th grade – J1 will be in 5th grade this year and J3 is doing K). One area I want to work on with J2 this year is independence.  I’d like to move away from me sitting beside him as he goes through each lesson.  I’d like him to gain the confidence to realize he can do this!  (He’s a slow learner and had many challenges)

One thing I’ve done is moved us away from the dining room table and created a work station for him.  And, I’m considering an assignment sheet/book that we can review and then refer to for daily assignments (for instance, Monday – Math: Lesson 12).  He’ll still need me to read certain parts to him but I really want him to realize he knows more than he thinks he does.

Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas?  If it helps, my son is going to be 10 in about two weeks and doing 3rd grade work – except on language arts and then we are working at a 1st/2nd grade level.

Oh!  One more thing before I go – I’m having an Usborne Book party online!!  If you don’t know about these books, you need to check it out!  If you are like me and drool over these books everytime you see them, well, go see what specials Tricia is sharing with us this month!!  The Eshow will last only until August 17th – so don’t put it off!  If you order you will help me be able to afford the Ancient History book I want! 😉

6:45am — 82 degrees (our lowest)

8:30am — 92 degrees

12:02pm — 105.4 degrees

12:38 — 107.1 degrees (in this room with no a/c – 87.4 – ugh)

…went swimming next door…

3:13pm — 108.7 (our high)

Currently it’s 5:19pm – 106.0 (and 90.7 in this room – ugh, ugh)

Here are the before pictures – and I pray that we actually can share some after pictures someday! 🙂

Here is a view of the side – see those dark spots – it’s mold – ugh!
Another angle
Looking through the camper

A closeup on the mold outside..

…and inside

The camper obviously last went to the beach – we don’t think they tried to clean it out at all afterwards. 🙁