I just got home from two days at my sister and brother-in-law’s house watching my nephew (8) and my niece (6). Tomorrow DH, J1 & J2 are all headed to the local Renaissance Faire – DH plays Humphrey Gray, the village’s schoolmaster and the boys play his pupils. He actually teaches a couple of times to expose the visitors to what a school experience might be back then.

Tomorrow night I will be headed to the HeartChange “Stretch” workshop. Alumni are encouraged to come attend and help celebrate. My sister and my MIL are both attending – I can’t wait to hear what they think of the experience!! πŸ™‚

And, then Sunday we are headed back to our new church – we will be talking to the deacons after church about membership. And, we are both looking forward to the next Sunday School class – we are attending a class on “Understanding the Catholic Church”. This week will be the first of two on Church history.

Well, DH’s homeschool astronomy class starts in a bit, I’d better get the kitchen cleaned up – ah, it’s good to be home! πŸ™‚

Today I’ve been struggling. I’ve been thinking that DH didn’t want me to homeschool the boys – grudgling agreeing to let me continue HSing J2 because of his need to go slower than a classroom would allow him. Our oldest is in DH’s classroom – and loves it – and we are having so many clashes that Dh and I felt that it was best for him to be under his dad’s mentorship more right now. Anyway, I assumed he wanted J3 to go to the school’s kindergarten and I was being quiet and trying to be submissive …. but really I was just pouting.

But last night I mentioned to him how I feel disconnected from our local HS group because I don’t have his support. To say he was shocked was an understatement. I was assuming something that he hadn’t said and he was thinking this is what I wanted. And, it gave me pause. Do I want to HS J3? Do I feel I can do it? Will I be faithful? Will I be able to manage two children? Anyway, I just generally have been freaking out this morning and trying to get my head and heart lined up.

Then I recalled an exchange I had with my mom this morning. She sent me this email (Ozzie is Oswald Chambers):

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might. Ecclesiastes 9:10 …and Ozzie says, “We have no right to have preconceived notions as to what God is fitting us for. Wherever He puts us, our great aim is to pour out a whole hearted devotion to Him in that particular work.

Which made me think of a favorite verse, so I replied:

And, we can take comfort in the fact that He will equip us – “Moreover, I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; and I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.” (Ezk 36:26)

But I was not applying it to my day! About 5 mins ago I realized how this applied to my recent troubled mind! What a dolt I can be!! So, if you are a friend of mine, I would definitely appreciate your prayers for me – I need a new heart. I need to remember why HS is a joy and that this time with my boys can be enjoyed! Thanking GOD I don’t have to walk this path alone!!

After our wonderful experience with Butterflies last year I thought a frog habitat would be a better experience for my guys. So I dutifully order the habitat and sent off for the tadpoles. (fine print? I don’t need to read no stinking fine print!!)

So, we shelve the frog habitat and wait for our tadpoles to arrive! And, finally, last Friday they arrived while I was visiting my sister. DH bravely (lol) set up the habitat and introduced the tadpoles to their new home.

We’ve been watching, feeding, watching and recording all their little movements – in fact, today we saw nubs where their legs or arms will soon appear. The freaky thing is that our tadpoles seem bound and determined to commit suicide! They keep jumping out of the water – I’ve become obsessed with keeping these tadpoles IN the water! I do NOT have time for this!!!

Today I decide that I’d better actually read the fine print about these frogs. I guess we’d better name them cause I just read they are going to live for 5 years!!! I naively thought we could just let them go after they became frogs – maybe we’d keep them until next Spring when it would be warmer out – but that was the extent of my charity! Well, it seems they are not equipped to live outside, by themselves. AND, I have to buy and feed them LIVE crickets! Ugh, ugh, ugh!

So, be warned – if you think tadpoles might be a fun little adventure – be sure to read the fine print!!!!

PS J2 just named them – We are pleased (?!?!) to announce the addition of two new pets – Puddles and Friend. I need an aspirin!

Here is a post by a mom who’s walked my path. I definitely appreciate what she has to say here!

She ends her post with this paragraph-and it’s my wish too (emphasis mine):

I used to be harsh and critical of parents who couldn’t seem to control their kids. That was before God humbled me. Please, please have grace for struggling families. None of us can really know what is going on behind the behaviors we see. The method that produced wonderful children for one of us may prove disasterous in another family. There is no formula. Instead of assuming, pray; smile and give a listening ear. There is a handful of people in my life who have done that for me, and they are cherished.

I was tagged by Sara – it’s a different one…

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Here it is: Joshie’s Medical Bills

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5th sentence says: “Please pray for me as I do this.”
Well, that says alot. Man, was this depressing πŸ™

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OK – how about Theresa, DayByDay (my HS blog), Debra, Violet and Kate consider yourselves tagged.