It’s raining outside – Lord, don’t you know it’s May? We should be have sunny and cool days! I miss the sun, Lord!!

I’ve been rushing around like a crazy woman today – trying to prepare things for this retreat I’m going to Thursday – Sunday this week. I really don’t know much about it, so I’ll have to tell you more about afterwards.

I know this note is short but a short note is better than no note, don’t you think?!?! I’m off to my weekly knitting session with the ladies downtown! It’s turning out to be the only time I get to knit anymore! 🙁 Sad, huh?!?!

I usually like to know what is going to happen…and this week is going to be a trial to me! I may or may not be attending a retreat from Thursday – Sunday – the location is pending. I did NOT figure this retreat into my lesson plans for J2 – luckily we’ve finished up a couple of subjects.

I need to STOP and get a chance to get a handle on my day, my week. I’m not sure how I can stop anything right now…everything is so chaotic. Well, I guess the kids will be ok if I just slip away to my bedroom for a time of peaceful prayer. I’ll try and post later after my day gets better! 😉

Today we visited a local church so that DH could preach for their normal pastor (who took some time off to paint his house, but was still there- that was kind of cool). We only know the people on staff at this church – the worship leader’s wife and I are in the same Homeschool group and our kids really their kids. And, the church body, while very small – were very nice and welcoming! Here is a link to their church if you are interested….very nice people!

Then we raced over to our church (a link only seems fair 😉 to try and catch the guest speaker there – the young man who runs Mt Hope Bible Camp where DH will be helping this summer. We really wante to connect with him to find out if our family would be welcome to come too and how we would like to make this a yearly commitment of service. We are really enjoying life with Eric teaching! The other really great time in our family was the two years that Eric taught at Sonrise Academy in Oregon. Bummer! Google couldn’t find me a link for them!

Unfortunately, he had already left for a BBQ at our friends’ the Forneys – so we sort of crashed their BBQ. They said it was ok – and boy, was it yummy! But I felt sort of awkward! 🙂 Oh, well, what are friends for if you can’t impose once in awhile.

Came home – crashed in the chair – thought about scrapping the rest of my recent pictures (about 2 more pages to do) but my back is still killing me from the 6 pages I did last night. I think that’s enough for now. I’m off in a little while for our last Bible study/Potluck – gonna cheat and buy something at the deli!

Then tonight when I get home, I plan to do more work on a project I’m doing for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Gosh, I’m a boring person! LOL

Today my sister came for a visit and brought all her scrapbook stuff and wanted to scrap with me. I agreed but secretly wasn’t wild about this. I haven’t scrapbooked since Summer of 2001 – not since J3 arrived and then I found out we were pregnant with Josh. It has become this huge elephant in the corner – growing with every passing holiday or celebration. I don’t want to face some of those memories from 2002 – now and recording our life now in scrapbook (without Josh) was unthinkable too.

So, Beth arrived – we took over the dining room table. She’s working on her wedding album. I was overwehlmed. I have sooo much stuff! So many photos! My kids are DARN cute! LOL Anyway, I went through all the papers I have, stickers, die cuts….organizing a bit as we go. My sister shows me some of the fun stuff that’s come out on the market since I quit scrapping.

I cried a few times – especially when I found pics of the day Joshua was born. But I feel so much better for having stepped forward. So, I’m scrapping our trip last month and building the fort – my only recent pictures – and then I’m going to organize all the boxes of photos I’ve been collecting by date and then get started. I think I’m going to find that most of them are duplicates and can be archived or given away. I want to put all our wedding photos into acid free albums too! Gosh, this is going to get expensive. I’m just glad that I’m getting going again!

Thanks Bethie for the “therapy” session! I love you!!

I was informed that I forgot to feature someone – who knew 4 yr olds would count how many times they are pictured! So, without further ado, here is Master J3 – age 4 – having fallen asleep outside: