This weekend I searched and found a few knitalongs to participate in…I’m hoping I’ve not bitten off more than I can chew – we’ll see.

The first I joined (link is in the sidebar) is the Six Sox Knitalong. A group of knitters who will be knitting six different sock patterns. They started in June and should be starting pattern #4 very soon. This is the one knitalong that I’m a bit worried about…what if I’m too much of a novice?? But I’m not ashamed to ask for help so I know that I can figure it out….eventually! 🙂

The other is called Thingalong – using Jacqueline Fee’s sweater sampler from The Sweater Workshop book. We will make a thingamajobber 😉 that will teach everything we need to know to make sweaters. I’m really excited about this opportunity!!

Tomorrow it’s back to Jury Duty (sigh) but I’m looking forward to taking my sock I’m working on so the other two knitters can help me a bit. I’ve just got to get a little more done today so that I’m ready to turn the heel – that’s the part that has been messing me up!

I got picked for Jury Duty!!! ARGH!! I’m all for my civic duty, but now I need my life back! We are back in court next Tuesday and hopefully we can start deliberating.

I’ve treated myself to a few new blogs to share what I’m learning/doing, create reminders of what I want to do and connect with other crafters! Check them out:



Now I’ve got to catch up all the other webpages I do for people – esp W.A.C.H.E! Gotta get busy! Talk to you soon….I hope!