Wow – I didn’t post a single thing yesterday.  Well, I would have, but I removed my Twitter stream from my blog (you can see it in the sidebar – or at the bottom of the page if you are view this on a mobile device – and I’m still active there) in attempts to make myself do a real blog post – something more than 140 characters.  But there are days where more than 140 characters at one time is just too much for me.  Yesterday had highs and lows and fun and tears.

One new thing in our life, my in-laws will be coming over twice a week to eat a meal with us – the family is hoping to relieve some of their stress regarding preparation/clean-up and I make a big meal for my family so why not?  I hope it is enough to help.

The Bible study is going and starting my day in the Word/Journal/Prayer really helps me be intentional all day.  Learning some new things about myself and God too!

In the homeschool department, J2 and I have 7 more days of school in front of us – summeritis is hitting us hard!  But we are persevering to finish what we intended to do.  Yeah for us!

For the kiddos who are going to public school, we are waiting to hear the results of Sissy’s testing to determine what next year will be like.  Hoping for a modified K/1 opportunity for her.  J3 is so ready to be done with p.s.  Hubs talked to the principal about the bullying we are seeing and assures us that one more ‘incident’ and a certain kid will be gone. I am praying that incident won’t involve my kid.  J3 is definitely more on the homeschool band wagon that ever before!

OH! Another thing I am trying to incorporate in my life (more of that intentional stuff) is to add Scripture memorization.  I posted a picture on instagram yesterday of my current verse (let’s see if this works)

6f0c4f3ab7f011e29e1622000a9d0ec7_7If you can’t read that (I need new dry erase markers) it is Proverbs 16:3 “Commit it to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.”  Trying to memorize it, trying to live it!

What about you? Memorizing anything?  Being intentional? What does that look like in your life?


2 Thoughts on “State of the Family Address (sort of! ;-)

  1. We’ve been lucky with Jared’s venture into public school. Everybody loves him, and we’ve had no troubles with bullies at all… Of course, he goes to a very small charter school, so I think that helps. Our nephew was being bullied all the time when he attended the local middle school. When he transfered to the charter school, all that stopped. He’s really blossomed. 🙂

  2. Go you! Right now, I am just trying to get through the school year and finish up mt Perspectives homework…the class/lectures may be done, but the work isn’t….yet.

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